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The automotive industry has been an integral part of our society for over 100 years. It has evolved over time as technology has changed. Many parts make up an automobile, not just the engine. All of these parts help make your experience riding in the car a little better. From the rest you put your arm on, to the air the car uses in its combustion, MarChem has been involved in these areas. So, that bed liner in the back of your pick-up truck may have been made utilizing MarChem’s expertise or that air or oil filter you just changed may have been made with MarChem’s product.

End Products

  • Trim
  • Armrests
  • Bed liners
  • Seating
  • Oil filters
  • Air filters
  • Door seals
  • Custom after market body parts
  • Accessories

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MarChem materials are used to make pickup truck bedliners that are extremely durable, yet light and economical.