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Surfacing / Flooring

Surfacing and flooring is everywhere, from your house to the playground to the gym. What keeps all that flooring together? It is a binder, usually a polyurethane adhesive. MarChem has significant experience in all types of flooring and surfacing products. So, the playground surface at your child’s school was likely made using MarChem’s expertise.

End Products

  • Carpet
  • Foam Padding
  • Sound absorption underlayment
  • Fitness center flooring
  • Athletic tracks
  • Playground Safety Tiles
  • Playground Pour in Place Safety Surface
  • Door mats
  • Fatigue matting
  • Gym floors
  • Farm / animal products

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Most rubberized athletic tracks are held together with MarChem’s UV resistant polyurethane binders that ensure exceptional performance and durability.