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Food & Medical Products

Safety and reliability are the primary requirements of all food and medical grade products. Because of this, stringent rules are set for all items that are used in the food and medical industry. That includes not only the end product, but everything that comes in contact with it throughout its life cycle. MarChem, utilizing its Medical & Food grade experience and manufacturing capabilities is the industry leader in these areas. So, that jar of food you are eating may have been packaged using MarChem’s expertise or that catheter or oxygen mask you saw in the hospital may have been fabricated from a MarChem compound.

End Products

  • CPR Training products
  • Home canning
  • Stethoscope tubing
  • Cannulas
  • Medical tubing
  • Blood bags
  • Food closure gaskets
  • Catheters

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Many bottle caps feature a protective material made by MarChem that keeps food fresh longer.