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Plastisol Coatings

Plastisol coatings are plastisols that are applied by hot dip, cold dip, rotational molding or other coating processes. The plastisols are applied in a liquid state and curing takes place at temperatures between 350 & 400 degrees F resulting in the deposit of a coating of solid PVC on the item.

  • Inks
  • Specialty fabrics and textiles
  • Tool grips
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Commercial playground equipment
  • Plating racks
  • Paint masks
  • Metal finishes
  • Shatter proofing glass bottles
  • Medical devices
  • Electrical insulation

As a leading manufacturer of custom plastisol coatings, MarChem has the technical experience and capacity to serve all of your needs.  Please contact us to discuss your application


MarChem’s plastisol coatings with special UV inhibitors provide commercial playground equipment with safe, slip-resistant surfaces that stand the test of time.