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MarChem engineers help filter
manufacturer reduce production cycle times.

Market: Filtration

Customer Challenge: A leading manufacturer of industrial filters was plodding along, making filters effectively and running a nice business. As the market dynamics started to change, the customer realized that in order to stay competitive in the future and not lose market share, they would need to find a way to make filters more quickly. They spent a period of time evaluating the situation and worked on a number of possibilities, none of which proved effective.

MarChem Solution: Utilizing its extensive experience in the filter industry, MarChem engaged the client to help them solve their problem. A team of MarChem engineers, chemists, & project managers went to work with the customer’s team of engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, quality control, and plant management personnel. Together, the group reviewed the entire production process and dissected all the impediments to being able to make filters more quickly. Utilizing MarChem’s expertise in materials and processing equipment, the group came up with an innovative process to make the filters more quickly.

Customer Benefit: Product development and testing cycle times were cut by as much as 50%. Being able to prototype quickly let the customer know what they had and they could make a decision which way to go faster. Also, by using new materials and processing equipment, production cycles were reduced, allowing the customer to achieve its goal of make more filters in less time. As a result, the customer’s market share rebounded nicely and is back in growth mode.